Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations for Pediatrics and Adults

During your comprehensive exam, an AOC expert will perform a number of thorough diagnostic evaluations to identify the source of your hearing problems. Tests may include a combination of audiometry, tympanometry, speech tests, bone conduction, and much more. These evaluations can help us determine which part of the ear the condition may be stemming from. AOC Physicians is equipped to meet the needs of younger patients as well and has family-friendly physicians and audiologists on staff. Depending on the child’s age, our team may perform a series of tests, not unlike the hearing tests children undergo at school. In some cases, play-based tests can be performed on patients under the age of 5. For young patients, it’s important to treat hearing conditions as soon as possible in order to maximize academic success and development. Following the hearing evaluation, we can determine the severity of hearing loss and the best course of action. Sometimes, hearing loss is caused by a blockage, but it can also be due to nerve damage or other means. Depending on the source of the hearing loss, our team will recommend the best treatment option to pursue from there.