Vertigo vs. Dizziness

The otolaryngologists at AOC Physicians often see patients come in suffering from dizziness and signs of vertigo. These two symptoms can be caused by a number of ear conditions, including diseases of the inner ear, viral infections, and more. However, by defining the symptom, a physician can better diagnose the underlying condition. Vertigo is similar to dizziness, but it produces a slightly different kind of dizzying sensation.

Vertigo is the feeling of movement, even when neither you nor your surroundings are moving. Patients may sometimes feel like the room is spinning or that they are suddenly off-balance. This can sometimes lead to patients having difficulty walking. Simple movements, like rolling over in bed or changing head positions, can trigger sensations of vertigo and cause other symptoms like nausea.

When describing a sensation of “dizziness,” it can refer to a patient feeling like he or she is about to pass out. It can also be associated with sensations of floating. This feeling can sometimes be described as lightheadedness. 

When a patient experiences dizziness or lightheadedness, it does not always mean they suffer from vertigo caused by an inner ear problem. In many cases, this sensation can be caused by everyday experiences like dehydration, motion sickness, or even a change in blood pressure. If the patient has regular dizziness spells, however, he or she may want to see an otolaryngology expert at any one of our AOC Physicians locations. Our physicians can perform a number of tests to examine blood pressure, balance, the inner ear, and signs of abnormalities.

Many people ask, “Are vertigo and dizziness treatable?” The good news is that AOC Physicians is home to a number of experts who specialize in conditions of the inner ear, and many of these conditions can be treated using conservative measures. Some patients may benefit from switching their medication that influences blood pressure, and others may benefit from an alternative diet in addition to treatment at AOC Physicians. Overall, treatment depends on the underlying condition of the ear, but patients can typically experience relief soon after their diagnosis.

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