Custom Hearing Protection to Prevent Swimmer’s Ear and Premature Hearing Loss

Custom Hearing Protection to Prevent Swimmer’s Ear and Premature Hearing Loss

Do you develop chronic ear infections after swimming in a pool, lake, or the ocean? Do you have a profession that exposes your ears to loud noises frequently? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, you may benefit from simple medical tools that offer hearing protection, like a custom swim mold or ear plug. There are many benefits to having these products customized for your particular hearing needs, which is something we’ll get into with this blog. For now, let’s discuss what an ear mold is and how it’s used.

What is an ear mold?

An ear mold is a special medical device that is inserted into the inner portion of the ear for hearing protection. These devices can be made of plastic and other soft materials, making them incredibly comfortable to wear. Depending on the type you need, ear molds can be made to fit into the ear canal alone or large portions for the inner and outer ear. The audiologists at AOC Physicians will explain which type will best suit your ear problems.

What is the purpose of an ear mold?

As we mentioned previously, ear molds are made for patients who suffer from chronic ear infections, have certain occupations that require increased hearing protection, and for patients who participate in certain activities that would benefit from prolonged hearing protection. Specific examples include:

  • Musicians
  • Hunters
  • Racecar drivers
  • Swimmers
  • Farmers
  • Construction workers
  • Pilots
  • Law enforcement officials

Custom ear molds:

Similar to having eyeglass frames and mouthguards made to fit your face’s structure and anatomy, it’s important to have your ear molds fit the size and shape of your ear. That’s why the audiologists at AOC stress the significance of custom-fitted ear molds during your initial consultation.

Having ear molds that fit too tight will cause pain, and having ear molds that aren’t tight enough will cause leaking while swimming or the mold falling out during certain activities. To get the right fit, our team will make a cast of your ear for an impression. This impression is then to a lab where your custom ear mold will be created.

Once the ear mold has been made, your audiologist will have you return to an AOC clinic so that you can try them on in the office. This process allows our team to make any adjustments as needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the team at AOC physicians! We would be happy to help you navigate the ear mold process and ensure you receive custom ear molds that are right for you.

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