Common Pediatric Respiratory Diseases

If your child’s pediatrician discovers an ear, nose, or throat-related health problem during a check-up, they may recommend seeing a pediatric otolaryngologist for further evaluation. Chronic ear infections, inflamed tonsils, and upper airway noises are common airway-related conditions that should be seen by a specialist before they become serious health complications.

The pediatric otolaryngologists at AOC are experts at identifying and treating airway-related conditions in children ranging in age from newborns to teenagers. The team is compassionate and experienced in acknowledging symptoms that children may not be able to articulate well. If your child complains of difficulty breathing or exhibits noisy, squeaky breathing, he or she may have one of the following pediatric airway-related conditions or symptoms:

Stridor: stridor is not a condition; it is a symptom of an airway blockage. Nevertheless, it can cause some unusual sounds in infants. If your child is having severe difficulty breathing, it’s imperative a credentialed physician at AOC checks him or her out immediately.

Laryngomalacia: this condition is the most common cause of stridor in babies and infants. It is caused by collapsed tissue in the larynx.More often than not, laryngomalacia will resolve itself without treatment. Still, it’s important parents have their child see a physician should a surgical intervention be needed.

Vocal cord paralysis: vocal cord paralysis can develop for a number of reasons, including from a traumatic injury to the head, neck or chest, as well as a heart, neck, or chest surgery; breathing tube placement; head or chest mass; or delayed development of nerves that control vocal cord movement. If your child has difficulty speaking, call AOC right away.

Laryngotracheal stenosis: also called “narrow airway,” this condition is common in children who’ve had breathing tubes or ventilators placed. It can also develop during birth. It’s important that children with narrow airways see a pediatric otolaryngologist so surgery can be performed. Call AOC to schedule an appointment for your child’s condition.

Arizona Otolaryngology Consultants (AOC) is a comprehensive ENT clinic that provides care for all diseases of the ears, nose, throat, and sinuses. The physicians at AOC have the highest level of training and expertise in ENT care and ENT subspecialty care, which includes the management of pediatric airway, cancer, skull base surgery, advanced head and neck surgical and reconstructive procedures, craniofacial surgery and more. Call 602-264-4834 to request an appointment today!

The advice and information contained in this article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace or counter a physician’s advice or judgment. Please always consult your physician before taking any advice learned here or in any other educational medical material.

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